Published stuff

A selection of published bits and bobs over the years.


Best Feature by Postgraduate Student (Australia and New Zealand) for feature article Drinkwise (2007) – JEA Awards

The Sydney Morning Herald

Crime curiosity led to following her passions

The Australian

Vaccine had no chance of funding_Gardasil_Ian Frazer

Ad campaign a slanging match_QLD state election coverage

Liberals approach new frontier_QLD state election coverage

Development rivals health concerns_QLD state election coverage

MP adapts to growing flock_QLD state election coverage

Timeoff Magazine – Interviews

Amazing Grace movie: interview with actor Ioan Gruffud

Hanging Tough movie: interview with actor-comedian Mick Molloy

Fighting movie: interview with actor Brian J White

The Final Winter movie: interview with actor-writer Matt Nable

Lucky Miles movie: interview with director Michael James Rowland

Forbidden Lies movie: interview with director Anna Broinowski

The Courier Mail

Kids experiment with science_Courier Mail

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