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So, lately I’ve been getting excited. I put it down to the cooling weather, which means I’ve awoken from the sleep-inducing humidicrib that is Brisbane in summer, and realised I actually have energy after all – even better, enthusiasm. For all kinds of things! As a result, I keep saying BAM! when I’m pleased. I … Continue reading

It’s true. I’m anti-burbs.
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It’s true. I’m anti-burbs.

It’s a funny thing, the suburbs. In Brisbane, there’s two things that inspire rabid arguments – State of Origin, and living northside or southside. Recently I’ve noticed a third topic coming up frequently – inner city, or the burbs? Once most of my friends moved northside, we found we lacked, umm, competitive spirit. Either that, … Continue reading

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Kate or Leo?

Conversation with my best friend prior to attending Brisbane’s latest fancy boutique beer house (or, actually, non-airconditioned warehouse-style inner-city distillery with wicker chairs in this case – but more on that later) led to the usual canvassing of potential outfits.  So many things to consider – looking good, but, mainly, trying not to melt in … Continue reading

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Breaking up is hard, guys…

Even when you’re not actually in a relationship. “How’s your personal trainer going?” I asked a social acquaintance over lunch, remembering from our prior meeting that said acquaintance had more interest in the ‘personal’ than the ‘training’ part of the arrangement. “Did you ask him out for coffee in the end?” She sighed and said, … Continue reading