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The lucky country

It’s no word of a lie. I’m sarcastic about a lot of things, but when the budget was handed down, I had the joy of watching vitriol about Julia Gillard scroll all the way down my Facebook news feed from a few people expressing their opinion.

Politics aside (hey, I’m single with no dependents paying 40% tax – it’s not as though the budget handed me fairy dust, unicorns and a date with Arnold Schwarzenegger), I started thinking about whinging, and how we don’t know how lucky we are, and then I decided I’d do a blog about whinging about whinging. Here it is. Oh yeah, it’s also to affirm just how bloody lucky we are in this country. Not in a “we’re lucky so shut up” way, just in a “I’m really lucky to live here” way. At drinks on the weekend, my friends and I argued about whether we have a right to an opinion. Clearly I think we do, whether I like those opinions or not. And I think, regardless of politics, we have a female Prime Minister and that’s both amazing and about high time.

So here’s my opinion on why that makes me, a woman, lucky to live here:

  1. Because I am paid a fair wage and as a result, could buy a property on my own (with my current one true love, the bank).
  2. Because I have access to, and can afford, excellent quality healthcare. Don’t try that in the United States.
  3. Because I have access to birth control.
  4. Because when we talk about misogyny in this country we actually have a debate, and it’s reported in the media as discourse worthy of debate.
  5. Because no matter what, a woman is PM and it won’t be the last time.
  6. Because my family is healthy, and if they weren’t, they could get help.
  7. Because I have friends who are supported and supportive.
  8. Because I have access to clean water.
  9. Because I have been able to be educated as much as I choose to be.
  10. Because I personally have not been discriminated against, not once, not ever. And if I was, I’d have recourse to redress it.
  11. Because I’ve grown up protected by the rule of law.
  12. Because I don’t have to get on a boat for a better life.
  13. Because I have the privilege of paying tax in a system that looks after our weakest (and maybe our richest too but that’s for another day).
  14. Because I live in a place not burdened by crime.
  15. Because I can say, “I want to be the world’s greatest Kumite fighter” and noone will tell me I can’t (well, at least, not to my face).
I could TOTALLY take this guy

I could TOTALLY take this guy. That Kumite trophy is mine!

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