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So, lately I’ve been getting excited. I put it down to the cooling weather, which means I’ve awoken from the sleep-inducing humidicrib that is Brisbane in summer, and realised I actually have energy after all – even better, enthusiasm. For all kinds of things! As a result, I keep saying BAM! when I’m pleased. I used to say BOOM! but that was taking too long (those extra-half syllables really get in the way when you’re pressed for time).

Here’s something things I’ve BAMmed about lately. Of course, as soon as I publish this post, I’m going to say BAM! again. Maybe when I gave up sugar, I got addicted to lame catchphrases.

  • When Terminator 2 is screening on TV, even though you own it on DVD
  • When you do the laundry and find a $5 note in your running pants
  • When a tradie comes to your home and doesn’t charge you (this first happened to me putting up a new light fitting; then again when I had my dishwasher fixed – and yet I still put off getting tradies in to fix things, for like, years)
  • When your colleagues buy your coffee because you never carry cash
  • When you get two beers for free on your boss’ bar tab, and a third beer for free from a female bartender, just for “being patient”
  • When you’re given a hard drive full of movies and TV shows because you’re IT incompetent
  • When your best friend gets a job on an Icelandic dolphin boat
  • When you realise BAM! just replaced “It was justified” (ok, just for now…)
  • When you get out of pointless meetings at work
  • When you tell a humorous anecdote, and saying BAM! totally drums up enthusiasm from an otherwise lukewarm audience.

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