So, a while ago I had a major whinge about the lack of revenge in the tv show Revenge. I’m not a violent person, but I was raised on Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, what can I say.

So, thank you, Timothy Olyphant, for stepping into the breach (um… three years ago). I’d heard of Justified some months ago and intended to watch it, but in the meantime it was a lot more fun just to run around the office proclaiming It was justified every time I wanted to get my own way. Which is often.

Finally someone at work twigged that my accent was southern and i was quoting from the coolest tv show ever. Which I’d never watched. That conversation went like this:

Me: *finishes spouting outrageous demand* Whatever, it was justified.

Work colleague one: *nonplussed*

Work colleague two: OMG DO YOU WATCH JUSTIFIED?

Me: No, I just like to quote it.

Work colleague two: If you’ve got a USB stick, I’ll [insert totally legal file sharing method] it for you.

Me: YES.

So I finally got to watch Episode 1, Season 1,  tonight.  If you’ve never seen it, it’s about a cop who is sent back to his home town of Kentucky to clean out the riff-raff with an itchy trigger finger. This show is the best show about sociopaths** I’ve seen since Damages Season 1 had Glenn Close order a hit on Rose Byrne, and then they ended up being, well, friends and work colleagues (I mean, my boss is strange too but apart from a dream I had where he did try to kill me, he’s not THAT weird).

So, it’s a bit of an oversight that I took this long to watch Justified. And I’d like to indulgently celebrate the awesomeness that is Timothy Olyphant for just a moment.

*Before Leonardo Di Caprio perfected it, Olyphant was the next in line to look exactly like Jack Nicholson.

*He understands accessories. His Stetson in Justified somehow doesn’t make him look like a stripper at a hen’s night. And when he played Mickey in Scream 2, man, did he have some hiiiiigh hair. And it was fabulous.

*He’s been in a Die Hard movie (a crap one, but still)

*He proved in Go that he could keep his eyebrows permanently raised without the aid of botox. As a seasoned eyebrow-raiser myself, this is an amazing feat.

*He’s got a Cindy Crawford style mole. It’s just up right near his eye. I’m calling it, weird eye-moles are the new hot thing. Well, only on Cindy and Timothy, probably. Whatever – it was justified.

**Meanwhile I just don’t get all those people that enjoy Dexter. Watching a sociopath with only an external facade and no emotional depth or empathy doesn’t appeal to me. Let’s be honest, I save that for the men I date.

Timmy looking all Jack Nicholson-like...

Timmy looking all Jack Nicholson-like…

Until Leo stole his thunder. Jerk.

Until Leo stole his thunder. Jerk.

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